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Thank you to our families for their support of our wonderful teachers!

Ms. Cavanuagh-Mesia Family
Ms. Colvin-Clearview Services
Mrs. Dunkle-Eric Dripchak & Callie Anderson
Mrs. Slattery-Crystal Family
Mrs. Sullivan-Julie Evert
Mrs. Yeager-Chenoweth Family
Mrs. Youngs-
Melanie Holden, DMD

3rd Grade
Ms. Cataline-Trinity Construction
Mrs. Marsh-Melissa Demore"
Ms. Mynatt-K&K Glass & Mirror 
Mrs. Marsh-Garden Family Shows
Mrs. Potvin-Kamp Family

4th Grade
Ms. Antonino-Schipani, Norman, and McCain, PA
Mr. Eckberg-Murphy Family
Mr. Hostetler-Josh Sankes
Ms. Ramsden-Laurel Antonino

1st Grade
Mrs. Fairey-Verdoni Family
Miss. Moran-Bressan Family
Ms. Ostrowski-Brown Family
Ms. Zamikoff-Hosana and Dane Fieber

2nd Grade
Mr. Anderson-Melissa Demore
Mrs. Collins-Pesapane Family
Mrs. Lund-Shelley Rowley
Mrs. Seace-Crystal Family

5th Grade
Mrs. Halflants-Crystal Family
Ms. Mercier-Melanie Holden, DMD
Mrs. Rosenauer-Susan Beck/Garrido Family
Mrs. Trapani
-Susan Beck
Ms. Valach-Natalie Guitwein

Art: Ms. Brown-Verdoni Family
Multicultural Music: Ms. Vinson-Eat Drink Collaborative
Music: Mrs. Shenning-Verdoni Family
PE: Coach Kanter-Crystal Family
PE: Coach Mixon-Crystal Family

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